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All the hub bub and junk

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 14, 2015, 9:18 AM
Hi folks!
Been a while, hope you're still having fun and being artsy! :wave:

I've had my nose to the grindstone all summer (ow). That's why I haven't been very active. I miss viewing all of the artwork and chatting with people. Haven't had time...
but the art marathon is over so I'll have a mountain of things to upload soon! Yay art spam!

What I've made this summer:
31 miniature gourd turtles
31 miniature gourd toads
25 miniature gourd dragons
10 miniature gourd cats
9 miniature gourd bunnies
2 mini gourd dogs
32 small gourd beetles
20 realistic carved butterflies/moths
16 mini gourd spiders
30 mini gourd ladybugs
13 hyper-realistic gourd beetles.

You can add it up if you want, I just know it's alot. The bugs and beetles were made for the amazing NC BUGFEST!
festival link:
Bugfest is September 19th at the NC Museum of Natural History (Raleigh, NC). If you're nearby or need a vacation,
come and see the huge bug/spider themed festival! 8 floors of the museum, 3 full streets of downtown Raleigh...
it's gonna be fun! :D The other mini critters were made for my other festivals in NC. Listed below (okay I still am super busy LOL).

October 10th: High Point University Fall Festival
November 7th: Greensboro Craft Fair
November 19-21st: Roy's Folks Craft Fair

Check those out too, I'll be showing and selling. And working on my stacked high commission list in-between. Phew.
An artist's work is never done. ^^; Wouldn't have it any other way.

Teeniest of Turtles by ART-fromthe-HEART

Anyway, just saying hi and catching up on my stuff and doodad thingies. Stay artsy my friends!

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Just some Stuff :)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 5, 2015, 1:23 PM
Hiya everybody! Updating my journal, it's been a while.

Hope you've been productive and enjoying life! I've been keeping myself busy as always sculpting and painting. Seems like 2015 for me is all about getting gourdie (sounds like a disease lol). I've been making gourd sculptures and will continue to do so with big and exciting festivals coming up later this year. I'm experimenting and trying new techniques, like making more realistic birds, my first fish, and a mountain of beetles for "BugFest 2015" in Raleigh NC. So much to do, so little time!

I'm also painting a few things in-between - a few commissions, illustrating a novel, and planning for paintings I'll be doing in 2016. Personally I'd rather be painting but I'm starting to enjoy sculpting just as much now. I have a huge one-woman show scheduled for Fall 2016 so next year I'll be getting my rear in gear with new and creative ideas for that! I'm pulling away from static animal portraits to follow a more creative anthropomorphized route. 

Speaking of illustrating, if you haven't checked out my fully illustrated picture book "Improbable...Never Impossible" please do! I made an animated Youtube trailer for it >>>
Improbable...Never Impossible Children's Book! by ART-fromthe-HEART

And I'm exploring more sculpting ideas and techniques I've started showing how that's done too. If you'd like to see how I sculpt realistic feathers on a gourd owl, take a peek on Youtube! >>>

I really do wish you all well, your support keeps me going! Thanks for reading, looking, watching and commenting. :love:

If you want to see more frequent updates and artsy fartsy progress, follow me on these sites!

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Follow me on Facebook!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 12:49 AM
Hi everyone! I know Facebook isn't for everybody, but if you visit and post on Facebook as yourself or your business (good for promotions atleast) then let's share likes and give friend requests! Unlike here on DA where I upload mainly finished products, rarely WIPs, I keep Facebook constantly updated with my projects. For instance, I'm currently making another large gourd dragon on commission...on my personal FB page or business page you can see the dragon coming along in all her epic glory! She's going to be amazing! I don't feel compelled to upload tons of WIPs and progress shots here so Facebook or Instagram is the only place you're going to be able to see them. And I'm more active there, so I'll be able to see your doings too if you use it for advertising or business related stuff. :)

Feel free to friend me or INVITE me to like YOUR business page. I'll like if you like back, either my business art page or my book page for "Improbable...Never Impossible." Let's all be friends! Because all of you are my friends already for being great viewers, favers, and commenters. :hug:

My personal page:

My "Art from the Heart" business page:…

My page for Improbable...Never Impossible children's book:…

I'm not going away on here, I've just been less active lately with lots of things going on. Been busy promoting my new children's book below, and I've entered my very first art exhibition. Then I entered several more after that that're still in the jury process. I guess I'm late to the game of professional artist shows. I've been painting for 7 years and I've just NOW got the courage to look at galleries and such! Better late than never I suppose lol. :shrug:

If you're on Facebook don't forget to say hi, friend me, or invite a like! :wave:

Improbable...Never Impossible

Improbable...Never Impossible Children's Book! by ART-fromthe-HEART

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Follow me on Instagram!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 7:43 PM
  • Hey folks!

  • I'm slow to get into social media, but I've been increasingly active on Facebook in showing WIPs, progress shots, and behind-the-scenes art stuff as it happens (plus some funny things that happen on the farm - cause it happens alot). I know Facebook isn't for everyone, so I've adopted Instagram as well! I just started posting today, and I welcome you to follow me. I'll gladly follow and like your posts back if you have good posts! Share the artsy love.

  • My username: art.fromthe.heart

  • And you social media peeps, do you have recommendations for other websites that are good for artists? I heard Tumblr is nice. I'll be looking into more soon.

  • Thanks everyone, post you later!
  • ~Cara


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I got tagged so here are 10 things about meh

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 24, 2014, 2:29 PM
I got tagged by :icondancingvulture: so here goes!

1. You must posts these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. No tag-backs.
9. You can't say that you don't do tags.
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
blah blah blah

1. I'm a hermit. I don't mind socializing but I have social anxiety so I tend to stay at home on the farm and do arts. X3
2. I like art so much that it rules my life! I'd go crazy without it. :crazy:
3. We collect stray cats like potato chips. Can't have just one! (currently, we have 17!) Only two are indoors, rest are tamed ferals that get comfy beds on the porches.
4. All this gourd supposed to be a hobby. LOL, guess not anymore. ;)
5. I'm very silly and immature in person, and growing up playing pretend and gaming makes me a closet nerd too. :P
6. I'm friendly to everyone but it takes time to get close to me. But if we click, I'll be your buddy!
7. I didn't start making art of animals until I graduated high school. Before that, it was all fantasy.
8. I'm self-taught and learn all my techniques by experimenting and making an awful mess.
9. I'm a night owl, and habitually sleep-deprived. My usual time to go to bed: 5am, and rise at noon.
10. I like fart jokes. Sorry if that's crude I can't help it. X3

QUESTIONS FROM :devdancingculture: to me:
1. What's your favorite animal?
Cats and spiders...odd combination but it happened!
2. Favorite musician/band? (Too many? Pick one!)
My mood varies but I'm into Within Temptation and Bastille...they're tied. ;)
3. Go-to snack of choice?
CHOCOLATE!...or something better like a banana. :D
4. What's one skill you'd love to have?
Social skills, yep.
5. Ever been super into a fandom? Which one?
Gundam. When I was a teen, I was OBSESSED with it! Made my own gundams and characters and everything.
6. Any reoccurring dreams or dream-themes?
Storms and tornadoes. Also, the moon falling (always a pleasant dream believe it or not) and floods. And funky versions of real life, those are pretty funny.
7. What's your Myers-Briggs type? (Haven't taken a test? Here!:… )

You are one of the Analysts - a rational and impartial individual who enjoys intellectual pursuits and prizes independence. You are known for your strategic thinking skills, self-confidence and impressive knowledge. Above you will find a brief overview of your personality traits - proceed to the type overview to learn much more about your personality type. Prepare to be impressed.…
Woah 0__0

8. How many injuries have you had?
I have constant cuts and things from the farm and animals but I've never had big injuries, including never having stitches. Lucky me. :D

9. How long have you been at this crazy art thing?
The best answer is my whole life cause I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. X3 But professionally, since 2007

10. What inspires you most?
Animals and nature :heart:

10 questions from ME to YOU:
1. What's your favorite color and why?
2. Are you a deep thinker?
3. What's your favorite art form to create, and favorite art form to view?
4. If you could go anywhere in the world right now at no cost, where would you travel?
5. What skill/knowledge would you like to obtain?
6. Have you thought about the meaning of life, and do you have an answer?
7. What makes you laugh the most?
8. If you had a thousand dollars (or other currency) to buy something right now, what would you use it for?
9. Have you had a pet that was like another human to you? Tell me about them.
10. I'm stealing this question: What's your Myers-Briggs type? (Haven't taken a test? Here!:… )

10 tags, here you go!

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Only 3 spiders available!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 3:38 PM
7 of 10 gourd spiders have been claimed, get one of the last three before they're gone! I won't be making more after these for a while!


After these I'll be making stock for festivals. If you're looking for a miniature bug, spider, dragon, toad, or turtle, you can chime in now. I'll be making them when I make the other little guys. Convenient! Requests for standard toads and turtles can be made too.


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Only 3 spiders available!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 3:38 PM
7 of 10 gourd spiders have been claimed, get one of the last three before they're gone! I won't be making more after these for a while!


After these I'll be making stock for festivals. If you're looking for a miniature bug, spider, dragon, toad, or turtle, you can chime in now. I'll be making them when I make the other little guys. Convenient! Requests for standard toads and turtles can be made too.


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Only 3 spiders available!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 3:38 PM
7 of 10 gourd spiders have been claimed, get one of the last three before they're gone! I won't be making more after these for a while!


After these I'll be making stock for festivals. If you're looking for a miniature bug, spider, dragon, toad, or turtle, you can chime in now. I'll be making them when I make the other little guys. Convenient! Requests for standard toads and turtles can be made too.


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Children's book to be Publisheds soon!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 3, 2014, 12:12 PM
Been a long time waiting for publishing news, and I finally have a definite publisher. Rabbit Valley Comics ( will be publishing my first full illustrated children's book. Although Rabbit Valley doesn't publish many young children's books (some middle school aged comics though), submissions to big name publishers didn't go anywhere so we're going ahead. I'm not sure of publishing times but I expect it to be in print by the end of this year.

"Improbable...Never Impossible" is a young children's book about a Cat and a Mouse who fall in love. It's certainly not typical on the farm. Wanting children, the unique couple decide to adopt a special little animal, whose name is Brian. They could never be more different, nor more alike. With 27 full illustrations, "Improbable...Never Impossible" will make you smile. :)

It's a year in the making, so I hope it certainly does. I thoroughly enjoyed illustrating it that's for sure! It made me want to illustrate more. In fact, I enjoyed it much more than my animal art will be changing direction. I'll keep you posted when it's finally in print.

Thanks for reading!

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Help some Artists

Journal Entry: Wed May 7, 2014, 10:53 PM
:iconreina343: is saving up for college. Hard to believe she's just about to graduate high school! (and she's THIS talented?!?!) I first met her when she was in middle school as I volunteered and I knew she had skill. She's only gotten better and her self-taught style needs more attention (if I must say so myself!)
Lolita sample1 by reina343  Lolita sample2 by reina343

She's opening up commissions for Lolita designed characters for the first time ever! Lolita characters are similar to what she's drawn above. She's excellent with figures and intricate clothing as you can tell! Please look at her journal here:… and help her save for college! Plus you get a pretty epic artwork if I may so so myself. :D

And my bff :iconbluewolfcheetah: is needing to clear some studio space...and she's selling this Life-Sized bear plushy at a remarkable discount to get it moving!

Click the image for :linkBlueWolfCheetah:'s details on how to own this great plushy. :D So take some time and take a look at these great arts and artists. Even if you don't want to buy, leave a comment on their work or help them out by spreading the word.

Thanks and have a good one! :wave:

And...does someone know how to make journal skins? My old one got deleted and I have no idea how to make a custom one now...:B

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I haven't been social but I'd like some ideas!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 2:38 PM
Hi everybody! Yeah I haven't been social since this year began...nothing like the betrayal of close friends to help you lose faith in humanity. :P But oh well, I have better things to do than dwell on dumps of the past.

After my complicated barn star painting is complete (most recent upload if you skipped over it), I plan to get busy with gourd sclupting. I have lots of fresh ideas and techniques to try! I'm not open for commissions right now because I want some time to just play around and do what I want, but what I wouldn't mind is some suggestions. If there's something you want to see, or think would be cool to see in sculpture (willing to try fantasy and odd things too!) leave me a comment!

Current ideas:
*Hyper-realistic mini dragon
*Hippo and African animals
*fantasy skeleton creatures (I like dark things...I just don't share it. XD)
*Renewed devil claw critters
*More hyper-realistic toads and turtles
*Real owls w/feather textures (experimenting!)
*Large realistic long haired gourd cat
*More realistic beetles
*gourd feesh

Etc, ideas come and go. And now you can add to that list! :D And all of the sculptures I make during this will be for sale. So if you're particularly interested in a certain animal or subject, feel free to give a suggestion and call dibs. You're not obligated to buy it but dibs will get you first chance in case you like what I made. :)

Thanks guys! :wave:


Journal Entry: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 8:24 PM
Not a social question, just celebrating because I FINALLY FINISHED MY ILLUSTRATIONS! 27 9x12" panels in full detail. A year in the making, 702 hours of painting (seriously, I record my painting hours obsessively.) :P Finally, such a long project complete. Feels good, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I actually look forward to illustrating again in the future. Look out for "Improbable...Never Impossible," written by the amazing vixyyfox, in 2014!

And I'm also wishing everyone a happy new year! :D W00t! Cheers to 2014!

Now I can work on the commission pile that's been gathering since May.



Journal Entry: Sat Nov 30, 2013, 12:56 PM
I'm a little late to the game cause I'm still busy but...I'm having a holiday discount on my professionally printed art greeting cards! Instead of $4 per card, I'm selling them for $2.50! Envelopes are included free, what a deal! I have 25 different images available, supplies are limited.

To see the details visit this page on my website:

You can order via note or email me. ^_^ Happy Holidays!


Now for that Social Question I've neglected to ask. ^_^'

Doubt is a powerful thing. It can make what was the surest thought, idea, or feeling turn into something monstrous. It can even make our lives a living hell in the form of paranoia and hypochondria. It almost seems like a creature in of itself and it can be anyone's worst enemy, especially to artists. There's no way to avoid it, although...

*****Social Question 41*****
How do you conquer your doubts? What doubts disturb you most, and how do you keep them at bay?

*****My response*****

Doubt is a constant struggle for me, though only in certain areas in my life. I have utmost confidence in my ability to do things. If I need to do something, I will do it, and be punctual and do my best. But when it comes to my personal self and art, the doubts hang tightly like vines on a tree. I worry if I'm doing the right thing, morals, if my thoughts would disturb others, or what others think of me. I fear people, and doubt their intentions, and my mind runs wild to the possibilities in a form of paranoia. And my art, I don't take many personal risks with it. I have doubts that the things in my head would interest others, or that they'll deviate too far from the portfolio I've already created (not that that matters LOL.) It took years to beat back my doubts and begin to grow as a person because I don't discuss these things with family. But I've gained strength from confidence, and gradual learning from others. Much like the confidence in my abilities, I've grown confident in myself as a person and artist. I've begun to accept myself. When that fails (as it can easily do and often does), I have friends. I can bounce ideas and thoughts off my sister, the most receptive and least judging of my family, and I can ask a few social questions and get help from you guys. ;) Doubt will never go away, it's a weed that keeps on growing. But that's what mental machetes are for! *chop chop*

Don't doubt yourself friends, it's not fun. ;)


Social Question 40

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 1:39 PM
I'm alive!...nah I'm probably undead since I disappeared for several weeks. Urrgnnngh. *zombie stumble* I only have 6 more illustrations to go then I can be more active. Woohoo! 21 paintings completed so far!

Since I forgot the really good question I thought up several days ago, let's go with something seasonal...

*****Social Question 40*****
What are your best Halloween/Fall memories?

When I was in grade school, Elementary to Middle School, Halloween was my second favorite holiday (now it's my first, even though I don't do anything to celebrate it.) I live in the backwoods country so trick-or-treating involved my mom driving to a friend's house in a subdivision. I don't remember much of those costuming days but it was really fun! My best memories of this time of year, the festivals! NC's biggest festivals and fairs are in October. Raleigh state Fair, Dixie Classic Fair, Fall festivals and BBQ festivals, all in the same month. And we used to go to them all. We would go to the Dixie Classic Fair, with its massive amount of rides for children and adults. It would be a pitch black night lit with the millions of glowing lights from the rides. Ferris wheels 10 stories up slowly spun on the horizon. The murmur of heavy crowds of people were drowned out by the excited (and sometimes horrified) screams of the ride goers. Carnival booths lined the streets with their plush toys (the toys were really well made and interesting back then) and the bad-for-you festival food was everywhere. I loved the rides, especially any low-bearing ones with momentum. The polar express, Tilt-a-Whirl (my favorite, we could get that thing SPINNING), short roller coasters and The Octopus and more. I wanted to ride more intense ones, but I was the only one who could handle them. My sister is afraid of heights, my mother would never ride a ride. My dad, not sure what his standing was. Even though, needless to say, with nobody else who cared to go we stopped going to them altogether. But I still love the ones we went to, the rides we rode and uncontrollable laughter we had. It was worth it to fight the crowds and wait in line, hear funny stories and be involved in something exciting. Maybe I'll have that excitement again some day. But I'd need a local friend first, it's no fun going alone!

Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN ghouls and ghosts!


Social Question 39

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 7, 2013, 1:23 PM
Phew, busy, just now realized I have a series of social questions to add to. :P So a dear friend (sister from across the ocean really ;)) brought up a good point today...

*****Social Question 39*****

Are a series of artworks [comics, picture books] more powerful than a singular work of art?

*****My response*****

What actually determines the power of an artwork differs from piece to piece, but personally, I've begun to feel that many artworks on their own lack the power to inspire what a series in a story can. There are many exceptions, I know, some artworks I've seen here have really blown me away. They may be just a moment in time but just looking throughout the scene can tell a story within stories. I think of this because I don't exactly do that, and along with my overseas sister we feel that standard paintings of one thing or another are...flat. It's not easy building a scene up to tell a story, but it's certainly worth the effort. In a way, a singular artwork can be more powerful than series...but what can beat a full story of artworks? One that can take you from one place to another much the way reading a book can. I've always envied the ability writing can have on the imagination. You can go much farther in a paragraph than an artwork can take you. I doubt that a single picture "is worth a thousand words." Or maybe, we just don't think that much about images anymore. There are so many, here and gone in a flash, that they've lost their importance. Quality...over quantity? Oops, now I've talked myself out of my own answer! Now I don't know!



Social Question 38

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 17, 2013, 2:29 PM
Hindsight is 20/20. It always is unfortunately! It's pretty much a fact of life that we make mistakes and do stupid things. Like just this past weekend, I somehow forgot sunscreen existed and spent a day at a festival handing out free magazines for the arts council. I was burnt near crispy. I'm still a lobster, and it wasn't until I was cooked that I remembered about sunscreen. Oh yeah, that helpful stuff. Derp!

*****Social Question 38*****
What has hindsight made you realize in a specific event or circumstance?


It always makes you feel stupid to forget or do dumb things. If anything can take you down a peg, it's personal humiliation! Thankfully I haven't made any big mistakes. Just lots of little things that've given me a few laughs afterwards. I've said things I've regretted a little too late (like saying the word "midget" in an arts council board meeting, referencing naughty 8th graders to a teacher friend...forgetting that one of the board members works with a group for the national organization Advancement for Children...). I've forgotten to wear a bra in public. At a large art reception at the local library. I hope nobody noticed. <_< In grade school, I spoke badly of one of my sister's teachers who was well known for slyly trying abuse his students. Like not turning on the heat when it was freezing, or keeping it searing hot in mid summer. Even making a kid stand in a corner with his forehead against the wall for a whole class. As I dissed the teacher to a peer, she told me, "Yeah, that's my dad." O_O Oh crap. Thankfully she laughed about it and no harm was done. ^_^' I let two years of my artwork when I first started go unsaved except for on my desktop, then my whole computer crashed and I lost it all. Yeah, flash drives are lifesavers.

And then this silly joke, that I still laugh about:

I was using a smudge stick as I drew in an art club. A guy friend stared for a bit, watched me draw, then picked up the smudge stick. He looked at it, then said, "I know how you can make a smoothie out of this!"

I give him a funny look. "How? You can't make a smoothie out of a blender."

*face palm*


Social Question 37

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 29, 2013, 7:53 PM
Oops, it's been a while! ^_^' Painting my arm off still.

Tell me, how have animals surprised you? Whether or not you have pets, it's hard not to run into animals and be surprised by what they do or how they react. Sometimes it's something funny they do, other times they show us how human they really are.

*****Social Question 37*****
Describe how an animal has surprised or enlightened you and made you learn more about them.

*****My story*****

This tale is the continuation of Social Question 30 involving our Canadian geese Big Boy and Lucy. (You might want to look back and read up if you want to see the beginning of the story.) art-fromthe-heart.deviantart.c…

It seemed like the geese were happy, Big Boy stuck outside the aviary wire, and Lucy bound within. Lucy is blind and can never go into the wild again. Big Boy isn't allowed to get back in. They enjoyed each others company for a while. Not long after social question 30, something happened. Big Boy wanted more than Lucy's presence. He WANTED her, as a mate. He did what boys naturally do and he tried to mount her...but she only had her head and neck out of the wire, and the resulting struggle was traumatizing. Big Boy didn't realize he was hurting her, as his beak was tightly grabbing the feathers at the base of her neck. She struggled against him, but she's so much smaller and weaker, and she couldn't pull her neck back through the wire to get free. Her neck feathers eventually tore loose, and she retreated into the aviary. (I know this because I saw the aftermath, an evidence pile of feathers.) I found Lucy shaking in the middle of the aviary, scared of what just happened, a raw bare patch on her neck and a swollen puncture below her eye. He hurt her. She was traumatized by him. She knew it was him that did it. Big Boy called to her, but she refused to approach the wire and she wouldn't answer. Just in case, we lined the aviary with tighter wire so Lucy couldn't get her head through. Big Boy flew away, and didn't come back until 2 months later. Now, the once lovers avoid each other. Lucy's feathers have grown back, and Big Boy doesn't call or honk to her. He's quiet, seemingly sad. He knew what he did, and he realized it was wrong. Lucy wants nothing to do with him. She's content swimming in the pools and staying with the ducks in the aviary. It's sad to see Big Boy just hanging around now. I think he misses her, and wants her back. Every night he flies away to a neighbor's pond. In the mornings he returns to stay the day. When wild geese fly over, he doesn't even look. He just waits by the aviary door, silently.

I'd seen animal love stories before, quite a few on our own farm, but none ended up like this. Every one I notice surprises me. Many people think love is a very human emotion...but it's not, and I don't think it ever was to begin with.

I'm interested in your stories!


Social Question 36

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 9, 2013, 12:22 AM
This question will be the Question question!...your questions will be my question.

This one works a little differently.

I encourage you to post a question. It can be serious, silly, curious, and/or random. Nothing rude or crude please. Whatever you want to ask, ask of everyone who stops by to comment. If you post a question, it would be nice of you to post atleast one comment on someone else's question. (I will be commenting on them all, so you can pick whatever question you want to reply to.) If you're the first to comment, stop by in a day and check out the questions that appeared.

I'm usually wondering about your answers, but this time I'm wondering about your questions. Who says the question couldn't be the answer? ;)


Social Question 35

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 23, 2013, 4:54 PM
That last one was a little too let's go the opposite route and get a little sappy.

Let's talk about love. Are you in love? Have you been? Sometimes I wonder....

*****Social Question 35*****
Describe what love feels like to you. How did you know when you found that special someone, whether you're married or still dating? If you're not in the game at the moment, what do you look for in finding a good relationship?

I...can't really comment very well on this. I asked out of my own curiosity because I'm one of the many in this world that is content in building up my career before finding a special someone to share my life with. Basically, I'm a hermit. :P I've had crushes in grade school, but always the shy outcast I have never had a relationship to explore feelings with another person. So excuse me while I don't have much to say on matter of love. Having had no experience I can only assume what I could look for in finding a special guy. Something that catches my eye, a glance, a look. Maybe a comment, the usual flirts guys use. Admittedly I've never been hit on (that I know of, my social cues are a little rusty) so if someone likes me they might have to hit me over the head with it to get me to notice it...maybe that's what it'd take. I'm not one to jump out of my comfort zone to latch onto a guy but I can sit behind my art and admire people from afar. I often wonder if that special someone will be like the many pictures and feelings in my head. If we'll ever meet, that is. Maybe I'll be surprised, and we'll both be enhanced by our differences and I can relate to all those sappy love movies that seem so foreign to me.

Hearts, stars, and horseshoes! <3

Social Question 34

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 8, 2013, 11:04 AM
Time to spice up this social question with something with a little tough!

Most people in the US have heard about the "Paula Dean" incident. For those who aren't familiar, here's a brief explanation.

Paula Dean, a well known TV celebrity cook who's a down-to-earth country lady, was filmed admitting she said the "N" word on occasion at home after a former employee (fired over 5 years ago) claimed he was fired over racism. I'm not sure if she was filmed actually saying it, but the issue is that she admitted to it and it caused a gigantic stink. All of her sponsors dropped her, the biggest networks, nearly every store carrying her brand name goods, she lost her cooking empire and everything that went with it. She begged for mercy, crying "I is what I is!" because you know she's not the only one who says such words behind closed doors. I doubt she's ever said it in public to offend.

*****Social Question 34*****
Do you think Paula Dean's treatment over admitting she said the "N" word was appropriate or unfair? Do you think racist words should be taken more seriously, or have people become too sensitive and are overreacting?

*****My response*****
Personally, I think the media and public took this way too far. Paula Dean became a scapegoat for all our insecurities and personal faults. I live in the south, and I have to admit that most people I know have said racist terms. But only at home, and only in jest. It's like jokingly calling a woman a 'bitch' or 'slut'. Not in an angry context, but a humorous one. I know if these terms are said seriously to offend, that's when the lines are crossed, but my family and friends are not racist and we appreciate all walks of life. The apparently offending words we speak are for closed door jokes, we would never mean them to harm. I may be wrong in assuming that most people in their lives have thought about or mentioned these terms in one way or another. Much like African Americans say the "N" word to themselves like it's commonplace, but other races aren't allowed to even think about it. That double standard is what blew this whole situation into a mess. It was wrong to burn Paula Dean at the stake just because she admitted to saying racist words. We don't know what context she was saying it in, and with who. Although, her coming on TV crying mercy and saying "I is what I is" shows a great deal of ignorance and makes all southerners look as bad. I know people are still sensitive about racial issues and until lines are equalized we'll still have to walk on eggshells. I think everyone just needs to chill out and not take things so seriously. ._.

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